I Dreamed a Dream of a Kitchen

Seems like every time I think I'm going to move forward with the next step of the kitchen, there's an impediment. Today's non-installation concerned the dishwasher. It's a mini-mini, 18" piece of technology that they were going to put in today, except...Of course, I have no sink and no plumbing yet, and so they can't actually install the dishwasher until that happens. Instead, they just set it into the cabinet where it will eventually function.

I guess I didn't realize the steps. Like, you have to have the sink in prior to the dishwasher. It seems like common sense in retrospect, but having never done anything like this before, I didn't consider it. I also need to have an electrician install another box? canister? plug thingy? into the wall for the dishwasher and for the microwave, which was also put in today, but doesn't work either b/c of the lack of a plug.

The stove guy was able to put in a shut-off valve without further complications. I also got a call from the counter installation people and they're on for Monday AM. I'm hoping Dan ca be there to let them in because I don't like to miss work for this stuff.

God, how bourgeois of me to complain about my kitchen renovation.

Here's the non-working bitty dishwasher. It's like something you might find on a ship:

And here it is in a larger context alongside the makeshift counter that the cat jumps on a nearly breaks every night:

The microwave--it's so much wattage that I need a whole new power source:

I should put in a good word for the guys who installed the cabinets and then came back out and put in the microwave lickety-split. They are from John Mitchell Renovations. They will also offer you advice about other household projects and warn you if possibly your dining room light might one day burn down the house. I recommend them highly.