How Much is that Garbage Can, Again?

Did you know that you can buy a garbage can from Lowe's for $104? And it is not self-cleaning, it doesn't go around your house and collect the trash on its own, nor does it double as a back massager. It's just a garbage can with a step pedal and a slow moving top, so that as it closes, your cat is allowed extra time to leap into the trash. I would like to also add that it's not super cheap to buy dimmer switches and the like. One could spend $18 on a black light switch to match the decor. What kind of fool would do such a thing?

I also bought a mission-style bed frame from IKEA and Dan and I spent about two hours putting it together last night, only to get the very last step (putting on the box springs) to discover that I'd purchased the full-sized side slates; not the queen-sized ones that would actually allow my box spring and mattress to fit on the bed.  So, will now have to disassemble side pieces and haul them back to IKEA, in hopes that they will allow me to switch them out for the proper size.

These are such bourgeoise problems, I know.