Now I'll Have to Learn to Cook

Well, it's mostly done. The appliances are in (thank God) and the light switches have been changed out. Overall, it was both harder and easier than I thought it would be. Harder because things came up that I didn't anticipate (needing a shut-off valve for the oven, having to put in two extra electrical lines for the microwave and dishwasher, appliances not fitting through the door the first time around) and easier because it's not like I really did any of the work. My friend Colin took care of the design and hand-holding in picking out the specifics and the installer and electrician and plumber did the other stuff. Well, I would say that pulling out the cabinets (with Dan's help) was a chore, but that was also the fun part. Now that it's done, I feel a little out of sorts--like I need something else to obsess about. The bathroom is next, but not until I recoup some of the savings I just shelled out for the kitchen. And here you have the final product. 

Stove, it fits! Microwave, it works!

Side view.

I'm already messing up the look by adding magnets.

Aforementioned way too expensive garbage can.
Everything is silver now.
Note matching cat water dish on the floor.
Interior door with my piddly seasonings.
And the four things I eat.
All of the light switches have gone from white to black and silver.

And that's it for now. I will have to figure out the lighting at some point and I'm also thinking about adding shelves, but we can call this mostly a wrap.


Emily said…
Beautiful! I've loved reading about this project. Can't wait to hear about the bathroom - recover quickly :)