Wherein I Try on 20 Ill-Fitting Black Dresses

We have a black-tie awards ceremony tonight for work. This means we need to dress up in ball gowns or something like that. I always tell myself that I'm going to get something really pretty and nice, and I sort of half look for dresses all year. Then, the day before the event, I realize I have nothing new. I try on everything in my closet and realize that most of the dresses either don't fit or are too low cut for work friends. And then I wear the same black sheath I always choose by default. I also bring heels to fancy it up, but then only can stand to wear them on for about 15 minutes. I was not meant to be glamorous.

Except this year, I found something really special.

Just as an aside, thanks to Carrie for sending along this link to a blog that recreates famous album covers with cats. Love it!

Here's my favorite so far: