Stop Me Before I Get a Home Perm to Match

I had the sneaking suspicion the other day that I was possibly wearing mom jeans. I bought these jeans in Nebraska because I wanted a pair of dressy jeans--you know, long leg, no back pockets. These seemed to fit those parameters, but then I was walking down the street and caught a glimpse of myself in a store window. I looked like I should be heading to the Dress Barn to pick up a few more mock turtlenecks before starting dinner for the kids. It's not that they were elastic or high waisted, but they just had that aura of mom jeans about them. I don't know if I ever dare wear them again.

Tomorrow, will go with Dan to Art Council of Princeton's "Pinot to Picasso" fund raising event. Tickets range from $75 to$225, but since I'm a guest of his, I get in for the bargain price of $35. He has a painting in the show, along with Paul Muldoon, a Pulitzer Prize winning Irish poet who Padhraig says never combs his hair. He is exhibiting his poem, "The Fling" in a frame. That seems like cheating to me.Whatever will I wear to this gala? Mom jeans? I'm going to Green Street after work to see if they have something fancy.

Here is Dan's piece if you would like to buy it outright:

And here is the YouTube video I was sent featuring Paul Muldoon on the Colbert Report: 

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Leigh Ann said…
I want to buy Dan's piece. How much $?
Aimee said…
You are so sweet! He sold it. They were all auctioned off at the Arts Council event. He does have more though. He's really good. I'll send you his portfolio.