Jesus Died for Your Kittens

I forget who originally sent me this nose warmer idea, but the illustration reminds me a little bit of a baby chick, and so I thought it fit in well today, as it is Good Friday and chicks have something to do with it, though I'm not sure what. I know Jesus didn't rise from the dead out of an egg, and I know that the bible doesn't mention 1,000 chicks hatching at once when he was reborn, but I don't know how the two link up exactly.


Easter bunnies plus Thumper. 


Non-Easter-related photo of intense tabby and candle. 

And another. Friendly cat. 

Can't tell from this distance if the bunny has a happy smile or a sad one. 

Hanging chick in a mayor's hat.


And two little chickadees off-set by white bunnies and an Easter motif curtain.Subtle, yet tasteful.