Coffee and dolls

This is what I do every morning. Make too much coffee and drink only one cup. On Saturdays and Sundays, I drink more, and listen to Car Talk until I can't stand the Boston accents any more. 

This is the only picture I got around to taking of Saturday's Lo Mo Association flea market. Here is Jenn Bing, offering you a much-needed electronic alarm clock. I bought a toy fire engine for Luke and some cookies and a notebook. I was not a huge supporter of the organization.


 Wish this photo had turned out better. It's a window decorated in celebration of a girl's confirmation You can sort of make out the doll dressed in white and the streamers.

And then, directly across the street you have another celebration--either a wedding of adults or maybe a wedding of a kid in her vows to Jesus. It's not completely clear.

Finally, your hanging holy statute of the day.I believe this is a Virgin Mary. I hope she doesn't get dripped on by the air conditioner hanging above.