Holy Days

I keep meaning to post more of these older photographs. But because I have a bad memory, two things make this a problem (1). I forget I have them; (2). I remember I have them but can't recall which ones I've already posted. So, you'll have to forgive me in advance if you've seen these already. Here we have my mother and two of the her brothers--I think it's Jodie and maybe David? They look like Jersey boys stuck in the middle of the Midwest.

Mother with cat-eye glasses and beehive hairdo with my two uncles, Jeff and Frannie. Curtains are closed.

Mom, younger, before classes--on a horse. I'm not sure if they owned this horse or if they just rented out space for it. I know they had one horse named Strata.
Mom, holy. This must be her first communion. She is a little bride to God.
More holiness and a family dog who likely got run over by a truck or shot by one of the neighbors for terrorizing their chickens.
I may have posted this one before. My mom squinting into the sun, next to her older sister, Margaret.
And again as a little girl with my Uncle David, I think. I love his overalls.
Oh, and this is me as a baby at my Grandpa's. Look at the fields of green and yellow, which match my stroller. Perhaps the stroller was chosen as a form of baby camouflage. 

And this is me next to somebody's old vehicle. I can't tell if I'm holding a book or a self-tanning thing.