Never to Be a Shot-Put Champion

Well, this is the arm now more than four months later. The X-ray technician told me today that the bone would never grow together in the same way. I'll always have as crooked arm. I thought that the bone would eventually fuse back into these two lines, but I guess that's not how it works or how it will happen. The bone will just grow over the broken spot. Here is the side view:

And then straight out. You can also still see the hairline fracture at the top of the bone. I think that's what that is. Meanwhile, it doesn't hurt at all. I've been using the elliptical machine at the gym and there's no weird pain or sensation. I hope the arm doctor doesn't yell at me tomorrow at my dr.'s appt. when I confess I've gone to exactly no physical therapy sessions. 


wildwoodflwr said…
Oh my goodness! That looks terrifying! I hope you're healing well.
Aimee said…
Hey, thanks for the nice wishes. It's fine...Will be totally healed by the year 2012..