Snow Day, Part II

Beginning to feel a bit like the Jack Nicholson character in The Shining--a shut in at the Overlook Hotel, only in this version, it is the cats who are in the most danger. Spent some of yesterday doing work stuff, but also finishing up yet another in a long series of crossword puzzle books. I worried about how I would shovel the snow since I don't actually own a shovel. I thought for sure that one of the neighborhood peeps would come by to offer to do it (as they did when it was bad this weekend), but nobody was out. Now, it seems like the snow might melt on its own, but I still have this low level anxiety about what my neighbors must think of me since I haven't cleared the way (neither have the two houses on each side of me, but still).

Aw, Jenn Bing just came over and she's shoveling the sidewalk for me! And she won't even take my ten dollars. I'll buy her coffe. See, this is what happens when you have nice people in your life.


Jenn Bing said…
I feel so famous now. I FINALLY made it in life ! :-)

Thanks for the tea and snack.