From Baby to BABE

This is the picture that makes my mom say, OMG, you had such brown eyes! They were really brown and now they're more not-brown than brown.

My grandpa's legs. Note the overalls. He wore those every day.  Me learning early on that I was in no way athletic. Couldn't even roll a ball across the floor without injuring myself.

I love this picture because even though I'm not exactly sure of the context, both Jeff and I have clearly just had our showers and are getting ready to go somewhere; probably church. But then you have my grandma in the background, in her bra, and smoking a cigarette. She would kill me if she knew this photo were out there, but she's in her nineties and only rarely gets online to tweet about her life.

Here I am in ponytails next to a giant car. I think I'm holding a book, but it also looks as though I might be trying to self-tan.

And then here I am practicing piano with Mr. Lockwood who never, ever suggested that I perform in a recital. I was not a music prodigy.