What You Don't Have to Get Me for V-Day

A "pajama-gram." NPR is heavily marketing these things and I've seen an ad or two for them on TV as well. It just seems weird to me--instead of flowers, you get a bouquet of p.j.'s? It's lazy too, like the guy can't even get up the energy or enthusiasm to go to a store to buy a gift. I also don't need flowers. I hate to see them die. I'd rather have a plant, but not really that either because I can't keep plants alive and the cats can't stop eating them. I brought this nice little plant home from work on Wednesday, and by Thursday evening, every single leaf had been chewed in half, so that the plant looked like Ernesto had given it a jagged and too-short hair cut. I had to move it to the top of a free-standing shelf that's inaccessible to the cats. I suspect when I get home today, I will find a ladder built of cat toys and string up the the plant, which will have been gnawed to the roots.

How pretty is this V-Day tree? All lit up and guarded on either side by tired Cupids.

This is a "click-on" picture--that's what you'll have to do to be able to see the detail. I still haven't figured out how to take photos of windows without getting a huge glare. Anyway, there is a lot going on here, including Raggedy Ann and Andy wooden cut-outs, those scary troll-like elf dolls, white stuffed animals, etc. I like the montage-y-ness of it all.

I initially liked the symmetry here, but looking at it now, I also like how the trees across the street are reflecting in the window too--how it kind of looks like the cupids and hearts are suspended in a winter forest.

Cranky-looking kitty cat.