Photos are Back with Twice as Many Cats as Ever Before

Back in the window business with my new digital camera. You must note with this first photo that they have planted rows and rows of red hearts in the front flower box. They also had a red heart-shaped wreath on their door. Might capture that next time.

Took this one last night after having dinner and Carrie and Padhraig's (delicious Thai food--potatoes with yellow sauce and some kind of jelly and naan bread. V. good). I am not sure if this is a window that's left over from Christmas or if it's just a festive scene for all year round.

I don't really windows with Disney characters so much, but this one does have a cute "x o" banner strung across the back.

And now, on to the cats. That's Henri, trying to work up the courage to jump on the back of my desk chair.

A rare two cats in one photo. Emma on the radiator attempting to lick my hand and Henri worried that a piano might fall from the sky any moment. Note that he has made it onto the chair.

Emma Carol, the lickiest cat on the lower east side.

The ever handsome Paul Skoles in repose.

Piper checking out my boots.

Now really checking them out.

If he could, he would climb inside and live in there.


Kelly said…
did you get more cats?!
Aimee said…
No, perish the thought! I just meant that I seem to be posting tons of cat pics.
heather said…
so do you really pronounce it "on-ree"? v. cute name.
Aimee said…
Yes, that's the way it should be pronounced, but I just say it the Anglo way, or I call him fatty-fathead.