5 Plus on Friday!

Not a lot of time to write about his, but I wanted to get something up before the end of the day since I've been so out of touch. Here is your very first South Philadelphia St. Patty's window.

And already we have the stirrings of Easter and bunnies galore.


Here is a left-over Valentine's Day window with the VD bear, flower arrangement, fan object and, of course, the Virgin Mary with her, "Look at all this crap" gesture.

None of these kitty pictures turned out all that well.

The glare was just too much. I do like the reflections in the windows though too.
And here is an itty-bitty peeking out.

And lest you think I'm prejudiced and only feature cats, there is a dog in this photo somewhere.

And back at home, cats reign supreme. Try not to look at the ripped up arm of the sofa.

All three plus the dead animal blanket.

Have a great weekend!


Nice Pics! -Becca
Liz said…
There are some classic St Pat's windows in the neighborhood. I need to carry my camera...and you need to post, already!