Hearts and Sock Monkeys

Welcome to more Valentine's Day windows. The series below comes from three competing houses in a row (I think). Please note that the poor little Cupids in these windows are being perpetually burned by lit candles held under their bare bottoms.
But the house next door wins for even more dazzle and whimsy--hearts plus windows framed in lights.
And then the stately cupids bisected by window panes.
A random winter shot on campus. This is a snowy A.J. Drexel the morning after our big blizzard. This is one of my favorite statues on campus because it's the one where he looks like he's just about to rise out of his chair to go fetch a glass of Scotch.
And here we are back to the VD windows. They have tried very hard here to hide the fact that the stuffed dog is suspended by a noose around his neck.
I like these hanging hearts, like raindrops racing down a window. Well, not really like that, but for some reason, that's what this picture reminds me of.

And now here is Sam, the waddling dog who hangs out at Chapterhouse (his name is stamped into the leather collar around his fat neck). I feel bad for him because his tongue is always, always sticking out. I feel like his owner must have gotten him really cheap from a breeder because I think he's one of those animals who didn't make the cut.
And again. A warning about Sam: he has a problem with gas. Like, BAD. Like, knock your head backwards kind of bad.
My friend Shelley made me this girl sock monkey to be friends with the boy sock monkey I have that Jodie made me.
You can tell she's a girl sock monkey because of her eyelashes and pretty red ribbons. Her name is Lulu.
Ernesto was mostly non-plussed by her.
And yet happy to attempt to untie her ribbons. Please note the Virgin Mary candle behind the two of them.