The Great Schlep

Did any of you bitches watch the debate last night? I couldn't actually "watch it" watch it, because I can't stand to see John McCain grimace and stammer for two straight hours. I listened to the debate though, facing my computer instead of the TV screen. Thank you, Obama, for not taking the bait when asked about the qualifications of the VP, because it would've been easy to look like a dick. When McCain was asked if he thinks she's qualified and why, he said, "Hey, listen, listen, look--that filly, she's a--Now, I picked her because she has a retarded baby. Now, if a woman who has a baby with Down's can't co-run the country, then I don't know who can. And yes, I will support and not support stem cell research to cure retardation because her baby should not have been born that way. But the fact is, it was, even though he don't know it, and therefore, we can't sit around here and support the kind of terrorism associated with my running mate. I will not allow for women to choose, and neither would Sarah, because then we wouldn't have enough retarded kids around and that would be a real tragedy for her campaign." I'm only slightly paraphrasing.

I can't believe we're even discussing overturning Roe vs. Wade. That is archaic to me. Why is this an issue? This country can't even take care of the children in the system now, and yet McCain's argument is that we can help all these gals to give their babies up for adoption. How? Explain, please. Explain how you're not going to raise taxes and going to put in place all of these new programs and at the same time, issue a spending freeze. Where is your magic?

Padhraig gave me a copy of this article about McArcane from Rolling Stone magazine. I recommend it. You will feel sick after reading it at the thought that this person could come anywhere near presidency.

Okay, and below is my girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, in her political ad asking Jewish people to visit their grandparents in Florida to get them to vote for Barack Obama.


Lisa Marie said…
I watched the debate on my computer rather than the television because it was a little less painful. I also wanted to see the BBC live commentary. One person suggested McCain's "Joe the Plumer" will appear in a SNL skit this week. Several people wrote in responding to McCain's ludicrous suggestion that Palin is a role model for all women. Yeah, right! Overall, the comments were in favor or Obama, but then it was the BBC, not CNN or FOX.
Aimee said…
Yeah, most of the stuff I read said that McCain did okay, but that he was also very defensive and blustery whereas Obama was calm and collected.