Fuck Folksy

I am tired of people saying how a positive part of Sarah Palincomparison's appeal is that she's "folksy." You know who else is "folksy?" Rednecks. Those backwater inbreds who rape the other dudes in Deliverance were "folksy." Klan members are "folksy." "Folksy" is not a compliment. I don't understand why people aren't being even harder on her after these debates. Just because she didn't burst into tears or say "no comment" does not mean she did a good job. It reminds me of that David Cross skit where he's amazed everyone treats Bush with such support after 9/11. "Hey, buddy, good job!" As if the person has come in second place in the Special Olympics.VP candidates should be better than this. Any beauty contestant or five year old can talk nonstop without saying anything of substance and we don't congratulate them on their ability to spout nonsense and/or talking points on cue. She's up at the podium smiling and winking (like, really? WINKING at people? Isn't that something you're supposed to do as a stand up comedian, and even then, aren't you sort of making fun of people who wink because it's one of the corniest, most meaningless, outdated things you can do and it makes you look stupid and insincere?) and saying, "I sure as heck fire don't get what ya'll is so ups in arms about with with all this political talk. Shucks, we don't worry about them kind of nu-klear problems in Alaska, no siree, bob! And if the end of the world does come, why, that would be just terrible, wouldn't it?" Or how about her way of parroting back everything Joe Biden said. He'd say, That would be a tragic day if we lost Obama and I had to assume his role. And she'd say, Yes, that would certainly be a bad day like he said and I would say after him and in response that I too believe a bad day it would be if something like that were to happen, God forbid, A-men. And can someone please call her on her idiotic circular logic and inability to answer a question unrelated to the six talking points that have been hammered into her head for the last however many weeks in preparation for this night? She takes feminism back about negative 500 years. "I'm just a mom who wants to make nice. If you vote for me, I'll be sure everyone has milk and cookies on the table when they get home from work and I'll blow you too." You're being elected to be the second in command, idiot. We don't care about the fact that you can drive your SUV without crashing to get your kids to hockey practice on time. Did she go to graduate school? Does she have a degree beyond her BA in Home Economics for U of A? Oh, okay, here's your answer. She attended five different colleges in six years and apparently, no one can find any of her transcripts. We're going to elect a VP who needed 6 years to get her BA in journalism?

Okay, stop. Pictures now. This is a photo Lisa Marie took last weekend.

Here you have a Zen-practicing cat stretched out on a pallet in his very own yoga studio/front window.
Aw, how cute! A little dead boy Frankenstein!

Here is a detail from the 30th Street bridge that I cross on the days when I decide to walk at least part-way home.

This is an example of a Halloween window display that I don't like because it's too creepy. In case you can't see, that's the torso of Freddy Kruger of Nightmare on Elm Street notoriety.

This is more like it though I still think the Frankenstein head in the background is off-putting.

Here is a photograph of a praying mantis I spotted trying to cross the sidewalk . I found a branch to help him to the other side because he was pretty wobbly.

And I like this display okay too.

Phillie hearts Obama. You see posters everywhere.

And drawings...


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