Been Locked In

Somehow, I have managed twice to lock myself inside of my bedroom this past week. It occurs when the cats are running racetrack circles around my bed, using my stomach as a springboard to vault to the bureau, and/or licking my eyelid just as I'm about to fall asleep (it's really only Ernesto who does this). I get irritated and kick the animals out, and forcefully shut the door. This weekend, I shut the door to keep them away and discovered in the middle of the night when so and so got up to use the bathroom that the door wouldn't open. I tried to help, because it has been problematic before, but usually, I can get it to open. Not this time. So the door bolts had to be knocked out by force and the door wrenched from it's hinges as though in a rescue operation. Last night, there was more misbehavior among the animals, and anyway, I thought the door locking was possibly a fluke and so shut the door again and dove back into bed. This morning, I turned the knob to find that it wouldn't budge again. I had to bang it down. Again. So now I guess I have to switch door knobs? Or get rid of the cats? Or move? All require energy I don't have, especially since today is one of my long days, meaning that I have to stay for screenwriting class. At least I remembered to bring jeans this time, so I can be somewhat more relaxed.