Friday Photos

I love, love, love walking down my streets in the morning now. You can actually step on leaves and they'll crunch and you'll think, Autumn! And, of course, I love the windows--they will only get better from here on out because we have a series of highly-decoratable holidays on their way. The two photos below are matching windows of the same house. I couldn't fit the two of them in one picture, but please see Mister....

and Mrs. Frankenstein. Very friendly and happy looking as dead people go.
And the next series is this cat who was lounging in this great window full of statues and flowers. Here, he stretches.

This is not a mean face, though it looks that way. I happened to catch him in mid-yawn. The two photos are actually switched in order here. He yawned (below) and then stretched (above).
I liked this house front because even though it was 7:45 a.m., the light was on for the paper lantern.
Detail here.
A witch.
And this last one is for Manny. I asked him yesterday what he thought my house might look like and he said, "Cluttered?" Thanks! So that means something about me exudes "cluttered house." It's really not. I have lots of books but I have made an effort to get rid of many of the knicks and knacks. The sock monkey stays out, since Jodie made it. Anyway, I told him I would take a photo of anything in my house and he could pick. He said, The bathroom? If I were him, I would've said, The bedroom? But I think he choose that room b/c I've mentioned to him how tiny it is. How you can stand in the shower and open up the medicine cabinet and also how the sink is similar to something you might find on a ship--so small that whenever I wash my face, half the water ends up on the floor. Okay, so, look, not too cluttered, especially for a room that has exactly one tiny, tiny place to store things:

Tomorrow, I will be participating all day in Philadelphia Stories, "Push to Publish" event at Rosemont College. In the morning, I get to be on the "Speed Dating with Editors" group and then on two panels: "Is the Short Story Dead?" (No. That's all I have to say about it. How will I fill the rest of the time?) and "Writing for Blogs." I'm not sure what I can say about this topic either. I don't really make any money writing for blogs. I don't have ads on my blog and track in a bunch of revenue. I'm not even certain how many people read it. I guess I'll make a list of things I know you should do to have a successful blog--even though I don't do them.