I Think I Really Like You or I Might Just Have a Yeast Infection

I don't know why that phrase occurred to me, but it cracks me up. It reminds me of my friend Jen and how she said tights used to make her "feel itchy down there." Have not had the greatest week for some reason...Feel funky and low energy and so maybe it is all an infection.

And yet somehow, I manage to persist and take photographs. Lots of "Go Phillies" fever around here as you can imagine. Here's that combined with a little Halloween spirit as well.

I like this window because it contains a hodge-podge of Halloween references and just general scary stuff too, such as the Chuckie doll alongside these sort of adorable stuffed vampires.
Sorry, this is blurry but I still think it's cute. A little sexy mummy lady whose empty insides light up.

Didn't capture any Virgin Mary shots this week, but here's some religious figure. Is it David slaying Goliath? Please note that he's stepping on somebody's head, not sure who. This is only half of the window. There are big figures like this on the other side as well, including my favorite St. Francis of Assisi.
True Philadelphia spirit--the Phillies and Obama and the union all in one.

Why don't you come over and paint my door yellow too?

And lastly but not leastly, the pigeons. This photo represents but a fingernail fraction of the city pigeons around these parts. This is for you, Tippie Heddron.


Michelle Wittle said…
Nice pics...I liked the one with all the halloween stuff jammed in the window. It reminds me of my grandmother's window in Philadelphia.
Liz said…
Hey! That's an AFL-CIO sign in that union/Obama/Phillies window. Love it! It wasn't mine though...I'm a Sox fan :)