Happy F-ing Halloween

I mean that in the nicest way.

I hate being so busy that I don't have time to write a little something--it usually takes me about 15-20 minutes to write a post, so not a substantial amount of time, but lately, it's just not feasible. I have photos to add but forgot my camera at home. ADDENDUM: It's really Monday now and I'm adding the photos for you.
A quick weekly update:

Sunday: Helped Lisa Marie film her latest project--well, really just showed up with the boy she needed to play the date. He was perfect for the part and maintained an even temperament throughout. I did something with the lights and wrote down the different shots. She has asked me to be in her next film, but I would like to lose just about 20 pounds before that time.

Monday: Went with C & P to see, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, a movie based on a book written by Padhraig's friend, John Boyne. The film was showing as free premiere in Bryn Mawr. We arrived late in part b/c of me and also b/c of bad Internet directions, but I was thrilled to see that there were seats roped off for us. I felt like a minor celebrity. Film was good--I still need to read the book--and afterwards, John drove back with us to the city b/c he's on the whole film tour and they put him up at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. I got to meet and have drinks with the director, Mark Herman (just how many hyperlinks do you think I can squeeze into this paragraph?), all paid for by Miramax.

To the left, you will see Mark Herman, the woman from Miramax, and John Boyne. To the right, my pal Padhraig and JB.

Tuesday: Personal day involving all of my favorite things including brunch at Sabrina's (I am NOT adding another link to the restaurant), a trip to Circle Thrift, and then an extended stay at Chapterhouse coffee shop for a round of Trivial Pursuit accompanied by thrilling personal questions.

Wednesday: Saw Amy Sedaris do a cooking demonstration at Foster's. Actually, didn't see her--it was standing room only, but I did get to hear her and stood in line for an hour to have her sign my copy of I Like You. She was small and funny--when she sat in the chair, her feet barely touched the ground. One thing she recommended as a housekeeping tip is if something smells in your house, bake brownies! It's the best way to cover up unpleasant odors. This tip is especially significant for me and my three cats. So, below are photos from that event, including the inside flap of my book that she signed. I insisted that she write "you are very pretty." She added "lady" to the inscription. See how li'l she is? And of course, most every photo I took has her face covered.

Thursday: Gave blood at work, which haven't done since I went with my Temple peeps. Convinced Eileen to go with me. I can't stress enough how much I hate giving blood--I even hated the swabbing of the yellow stuff on my arm. But I did find out that the platelets for my blood type (AB+) are like white gold, so I feel a little better about doing it. Had plans to go to a pumpkin carving party in Fishtown, but those were changed at the last second due to ex-bf issues (not mine, someone else's). I am adding a photo here of the color of my arm four days later. We call this a hematoma, I think. Another reason I couldn't be a heroin addict. I always turn black and blue and yellow.

It's best that I stayed home anyway--I had to finish up my costume which brings me to... My home-ade lookin' Halloween costume for the tooth fairy. See the pink little sparkly shoes with clay teeth on them and the green dress? All done by yours truly.

Friday: Going with C & P to Brooklyn after work for a Halloween party at Liz and Luke's. I'm dressing as a mean Tooth Fairy, so I've been shaping big ugly teeth out of clay all week. I took pictures of the costume last night, but I guess you'll have to wait to see them.
That's it. You're caught up. I'll try to be better about writing next week.


Donna said…
Aim, can you give me an idea of the size of the teeth you are going to carry? My imagination is not so good. Thanks for the commiseration about my baseball team, for whom I still hold the highest love. They had such a great season, much better than the Phillies, and not one game was delayed or postponed because of sucky weather. Live it up in the cold, boys!
Aimee said…
I'll post pictures either today or after this weekend so you can see the teeth. It's going to be kind of a cute, horrible costume.

Everyone is down at the city parade today except for our office.