IKEA or Life in Hell

Visited IKEA today in order to find a wardrobe and/or hanging rack upon which to hang my many thrift store clothes. Walked out with about 5 things I don't need, including a kitty bed in the shape of a kitty (only $6.99!!). I resisted many other things, including candles which I've decided are a total waste of money. It's not like a hold a ton of seances or anything or have bubble baths with candles--I'm too nervous about the shower curtain catching on fire.

Will be going to dinner at a byob tonight. I need it. I have to do something fun and I have to be around people who think I'm the greatest. Have been doing better this weekend, especially since reading The Metamorphosis, surprisingly. I've learned from the introduction that it's somewhat a response to the suckiness of work and modernity (at least according to Jason Baker, the intros author). Here's a quote from the story:

Why was Gregor condemned to serve at a firm where the smallest infraction was seized upon with the gravest suspicion; was each and every employee a scoundrel; was there no loyal and dedicated man serving them who, having spent several hours of the morning not devoted to the firm, might become so overcome by pangs of remorse as to be actually unable to get out of bed? (11-12).

Tomorrow, I will likely wake up in the form of a cockroach ala the story and Emma will not hesitate to eat me up.