Halloween Approaches

This is the first year in my entire life that I have not worried what costume I would wear. Halloween is on a Wednesday this week and Shawn is not having his traditional Funk N Groove party (not that I would go) and so I have not even contemplated what I would chose as a costume because I don't seem to have any plans. Let's review past costumes:

2004: First Funk N Groove at Shawn's house on Spruce Street. I think I stole Jodie's idea and went as "Miss Fortune;" a beauty contestant with a black eye and a dress with car tire tracks on the skirt. Luke was there as a ladybug.

2005: Second Funk N Groove at our apartment on 6th Street. I was a mermaid in a pink wig. My work friend, Karen, helped me put together the scales. I wore a fish net on my head. It sounded good theoretically, but didn't turn out to be that hot. Elizabeth showed up dressed as a kid in pajamas. How fucking lame. She had designs on him even then. Shawn was a hip hop Jesus.

2006: Third Funk N Groove. I know that Shawn was a Ken doll, but I don't recall what my costume was. Probably something ghastly. I seem to remember that I wore a black wig.

2005: State College at Jess and Erica's house. It was an 80's theme. I went as a blood-stained nurse in the hematology department from Saint Elsewhere. Liz was Tootsie and looked scarily like the character. Jodie showed up as a Smerf.

2004: State College again at Jess and Erica's house. I dressed as a raven, an idea I stole from Martha Stewart's Living. Really cute costume with a black knit hat and feathers.

2003: State College, Jess again. I went as Laura Ingalls Wilder. Pete Groff was there too, dressed as some guy from the 1950s.

2002: Jess. Probably my favorite costume in recent history. I went as a liberated 50s housewife; meaning that I wore a dress and an apron and pearls and had my entire costume coated in blood (to imply that the woman had murdered her husband).
This year, I think I will go as a cat. Or a bunny. Or a bunny cat.