Oh, Quit Whining, Bright Eyes

I do like Bright Eyes, honestly, that one song from Garden State is a favorite of mine, but I can't listen to more than four of their songs in a row because the lead singers voice sounds like he's crying in every song. You just want him to cheer the hell up.

So, spent all day and all night putting in tiny chandeliers with lights in my doll house and running water so that they can have an indoor fountain and a jacuzzi and then I stenciled fingernail sized bunnies across the baby room and added a couple of wall tapestries I made out of these carpet remnants I found and then I also framed a two dozen postage stamps in real wooden frames to hang on the walls. The place is really starting to come together. AS IF! Give me some credit, people! I would never frame postage stamps!

Another dream come true moment at Circle Thrift with Liz yesterday when I realized that they had been given another truckload of Anthropologie clothes. I bought this really cute skirt that also looks like kitchen curtains and a placemat rolled into one. I can never wear it to work without someone placing their cup of coffee on it, but I still love it. Another skirt that might be a bubble skirt and so I don't know if that's a problem or what, but it has the cutest side buttons. And yet another skirt that doesn't really do anything, but it was $4 and has a nice lace detail on the hem. I am currently wearing a blue wrap shirt with a cute white pinafore front and I have several other shirts at home and a really really super adorable yellow cardigan that only has a faint trace of "sample" still written on it. Oh, hey, look--I found it. It's for sale now at anthropologie for $98. And I got it for $4