Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Half-Assed

My parents are due to arrive any minute. I just finished cleaning the bathtub and washing the bathroom floor, which really doesn't take that long as the entire bathroom is 4' x 2'. The phrase "anything worth doing once is worth doing well" kept running through my head and I was arguing with it. Sometimes, you have to do things and you don't necessarily want to throw your whole self into it. I confess that I often dust around objects, cleaning only what's visible. Don't you dare look under my bed; it has become a gathering spot for cat hair, but it doesn't impact my sleep, so why bother with it? I suppose I'll have to take action once it starts pressing my mattress up into the air, but until then, sweet dreams. Not sure what we'll do once they're here. Mom can't walk that far because she has a bad knee and it might be too hot to go very far anyway. I remember when they visited me in Chicago, I made the mistake of traveling on a bus and my stepdad almost got into a fist fight with one of the passengers who wasn't respecting his personal space bubble. I am fearful that they will get turned around once they arrive in Philadelphia and my mom will call, asking me how to get to me and I'll mistakenly direct them to New Jersey.

More strange dreams last night, one wherein I was living with a bunch of girls in a house that was also a boutique, though it had a huge bed in the center of the room. One of the women was very pregnant and gave birth to a baby bunny. It was really cute and could talk right away, but we didn't have any diapers and so it kept leaving these bunny pellets everywhere and the customers were slipping on them while trying to view our selection of high end dresses. Then I was in the middle of a murder mystery. An ex had been told to meet someone at the Washington Bridge in New York (is there such a thing?) and I knew it was set-up and I had to get to him before he was murdered. I made it but there was this terrific shoot out. I didn't have a gun but I did have a fanny pack of knives and so threw them at the bad guys. I was an excellent marksman and we escaped unharmed.

Okay, now I must go and get myself cleaned up and presentable.


jason said…
There is indeed a Washington Bridge in New York. And in Providence. And in Minneapolis, there's a Washington Avenue Bridge. And... well, at this point I'm just copying off Wikipedia.
Aimee said…
Thanks...I am smarter than I thought (at least while dreaming).
Liz said…
You have some strange ass dreams. What are you eating before bedtime?
Aimee said…
Coupla tabs of acid. So?

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