Orange rubber shoes

Because of the rain, I rediscovered my orange rubber Steven Madden loafers and they are much cuter than they sound. Plus, they make really awesome squeaky noise when you walk. Sometimes, I pull together an outfit that sort of accidentally works but then I usually forget it. I need a Polariod.

Small note about cat, promise not to go into any detail: This morning, Ernesto discovered my blush brush. He grabbed it out of the make up bag, jumped down on the floor, and then laid on top of it as if trying to hide the brush. I retrieved it. He did this three more times until I had to hide the thing. I told you he is gay.

Molly went with me to pilates last night and did very well. The instructor is this girl who has the slender body of a willow tree and she has long blond hair and a pretty face. She's about 22 or maybe younger. She announced in class yesterday that she's getting married this summer to her fiance, who has been in class before. He is a tall, broad shouldered boy, also blond, with curly hair like Chris What's His Face from the movie Blue Lagoon. What faith! I don't know what would have happened if I had married the guy I was dating at that age. Well, we'd be divorced now, most likely, even though he was a very nice man. I would've cheated on him (I did cheat on him) and it would have ended badly. Instead, it just ended when I moved to Chicago. That's a good way to break up with someone...Leave the state.