Patti and I, Part 2

Oh, well, the reason I originally wrote the title for the previous post is that Patti is also giving a reading at the book festival from her memoir or whatever it is that she wrote. And she is reading at exactly the same time I'm reading today or at least around that time. Our reading is from 5-6 and I think I'm last, so I'll probably start at 5:45 which is when she's scheduled.Of course, she's also reading on a huge stage whereas I will be reading in a little closet with four folding chairs. F you, Patti Smith. I hope you remembered to shave your armpits. Still don't have anything to wear. I put a skirt on this morning and nearly fainted at the sight of how pale my legs are. I can't go tightless because the audience will be blinded by my flesh and will not be able to focus on the reading.

I have a story due on Tuesday and so have sort of been working on this one about working at an OPO (organ procurement organization) but it's pretty messy still. I need to spend like an hour on it today before Liz and Luke get here but I don't really know what more to do with it.

Okay, wait, I have to say one thing. I'm at Black N Brew (my new coffee hang out; a good mix of local people, some hipsters, some nerds, some gay dudes, and no children) and this woman just walked in with long braids and that kind of nose piercing that always looks bad. I may have complained about this before. This is the kind I mean; the one that makes you look like you're a bull. It doesn't look cute on anyone, even if you are super hot otherwise. By the way, if you're interested in grossing yourself out, do an image google search for "piercings."

Okay, so I'm excited for this reading to be over. It's stressful to read--I worry that someone will fall asleep in the middle and start snoring or that there won't be anyone there or that I'll mess up terribly and start crying or something.

I'm stalling right now because I don't feel like writing. I've spent 20 minutes looking at pictures of people with piercings on every inch of their bodies. Okay, I'm stopping. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said…
good luck! i'll call tomorrow to see how it goes. i'm sure you'll be great.
Ben said…
so, how'd it go?
Aimee said…
Oh, it went well. I'll try to write a post about it tonight after my class...I haven't had time!! I didn't faint though, which is a good sign.