The Easter Bunny Died for Your Sins

What gives? Penn people got to leave at 2 p.m. today. Meanwhile, Joe and I are sitting in our respective offices, staring longlingly out the windows and flossing our teeth (well, I'm flossing my teeth. I don't know what Joe is doing. Something with tea?). Tonight, Carrie is taking me to an auction or an auction house or something like that where I will no doubt accidentally buy a Ming vase because of improper auction etiquette. Don't scratch your nose! Tomorrow, I will take the Greyhound bus (not the Chinatown bus. Celia has forbidden me from taking the Chinatown bus with its renegade ways) to Brooklyn to see Liz and Luke and Dave might even be around if we are lucky. I don't mind the bus b/c I can read and it's less stressful than driving, but aren't they supposed to be building an express train from Philadelphia to New York? Hurry up!

Last night, Molly and Celia and I went to some bunny hop fundraising pub crawl in Fairmount. We were even given bunny ears which we bravely wore and which I will no doubt also wear around the house now. I'm not sure what cause we were supporting; possibly Maybelline's animal testing of a new mascara on baby bunnies. The best part was that more and more people kept showing up with these rabbit ears on, so you'd look around and see more and more bunnies, multiplying rapidly, just like in real life. Ingrid S. showed up a little later and we asked her the question from one of our previous outings: What's the worst thing you've ever done as a kid. She told us a story about peeing her pants in front of her first grade teacher because she wouldn't let Ingrid leave to go to the restroom. AND! She also had a dead hamster story, just like Lisa Marie, which I won't go into here. Don't hamsters have a short life expectancy anyway? Like two weeks tops?

Just as an aside, does anyone remember really believing in the Easter bunny? Because in searching for images for this entry, I saw tons of photos of really bad Easter bunny costumes and I can't believe kids would be fooled by that. (Mommy, why does the Easter bunny have a moustache?). I vaguely remember as a kid wondering why the Easter bunny looked more like a stuffed animal than a real bunny. Like, Santa Claus was a human being and when you saw him in the mall, he looked like a human being. And the Easter bunny was supposed to be an animal, so why was the mall EB not a real rabbit? I also was confused about what Jesus and the Easter bunny had in common. I couldn't recall anything from bible study about rabbits playing a significant role in the crucifixion or you know, hanging outside of the tomb in packs, waiting for him to rise from the dead so I wasn't sure why we celebrated a religious and a fun holiday. I suppose the same could be said for Santa (was he at the nativity?) but for some reason, I never questioned the Santa/Baby Jesus connection.


Anonymous said…
If you think there's a lot of weird hamster stories out there, try going up to random people and asking them if they have a story about rabbits... You'd be amazed.