BFF with Patti Smith

Liz and Luke are coming in tomorrow for this reading I'm doing at the Philadelphia Book Festival. You are more than welcome to come, as I suspect that the group will consist of me, the other two writers and L & L. So, you know, between 5-7 people. I meant to get something new and cute to wear but haven't had time to go shopping, so it looks like it's just going to be a wife-beater with stained pits and flood pants--oh, just talked to Amanda and she said I should write about how some of the female students dress on campus--we were just discussing this at lunch as well, because we saw a parade of fashion victims on the Walk.

Possible bad outfits for the reading:

1. A too small super thin t-shirt that clings to every curve on my body and allows the audience to see my belly button through my shirt as well as every wrinkle in my bra and each globual of cellulite. For pants, I will wear a pair of low slung jeans that are three sizes too small so that I can acheive the Muffin Top look and also so while I'm sitting down, anyone behind me will be able to see down my jeans to my ankles.

2. Return to the 80s--black leggings (or even better: white leggings) with a short short skirt that just brushes below the ass line. On top, a conservative button up oxford. Shoes: either white flat sneakers, Ugg boots, or a black pump. I just don't understand why anybody would wear leggings if they weren't exercising. It goes hand in hand with the jeans under a dress. Pick one thing! You're either wearing a dress or you're wearing a skirt but you are not to wear a dress and jeans or a skirt and leggings. I but you anything, anything, anything that stirrup pants will show up next with thick socks over them. That is perhaps the worst look invented (next to hairshirts) because no one looks good in it; everyone becomes a person with a fat ass and huge thighs and little bitty legs. All you have to know is that Lyndsey Lohan has been wearing leggings nonstop; don't copy her! Neither she nor Hillary Duff nor either of the creepy Olsen twins should have anything to say about what's cute to wear.


Hasana said…
I am a big fan the pants and skirt/ dress look for several reasons: 1) you can ride in it, 2) you can wear a short dress even if you would never, ever show your upper thighs, even in tights or leggings, and 3) you can wear a dress even when it is ass cold (as it is every day in Montreal, unless it is ass hot) and 4) you kind of dress like the dalai lama. I think you need to re-consider your position on this! Signed, muffin top.
Aimee said…
Yes, you are right about the dress/skirts, particularly given your location. I've had a couple of other friends disagree with me on this same issue. I defer to those of you who ride bikes as well. xxoo!