"That would be grrrrrrrreeeeeeatttttt...."

Whenever I have to ask other people at work to complete a task, I feel like the manager from Office Space. It's difficult to compose an e-mail request without including a line such as "that would be super...If you don't mind...I'd really appreciate it if..." You're obviously telling them to do something which is not optional, so to write "that would be great" is the same thing as typing "as if you have a choice" so maybe it's better to leave off the "thanks so much" at the end. My latest task will involve choosing candidates to interview for an open position we have here. I may also be interviewing them by myself or with Kim. I've never had to do that before. I promise I won't ever ask anything as dumb as "how does this job fit into your overall career plan?" Someone asked me that once during an interview for a fairly low-paying administrative job, and I wanted to reply, "Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of being someone's secretary." The dumbest thing I ever said in a job interview was via phone when the interviewer asked me to list 3 qualities others might use to describe myself. I hate questions like that. I said, "Honest, communicative, and..." My mind was racing to retrieve the word "disarming" from my vocabulary because someone has actually attributed that quality to me, but I could only think of "disingenuious" and I knew that wouldn't be good. I said, "And silly." The interviewer gave this surpised bark of a laugh and I never heard from her again. Julie was telling me about a woman they interviewed who, when asked if she had any questions, wanted to know if she would have her own office and a guaranteed parking space. I've been to one or two interviews were the interviewer seemed more nervous than I was. I hope I don't act like that when we have people in.

I can't stop eating these Rice Krispie treats sold by the 7-11. I'd bet anything I could consume an entire pan of RK treats without any difficulties.