...Is a very, very, very fine house

We've been looking at houses lately--actually, we've spent two days searching for open houses and have looked at two houses with our new bff and realtor, Dominick, who won us both over by paying for one beer at Royal Tavern after we looked at the first place. He showed us a property in Fishtown owned by a guy named Harmon who put in all new everything. It's a three story, extended trinity with a large back lot, hardwood floors, and exposed brick walls. The stairs wind up and up and the ceilings are high and spacious. It has air conditioning. He had it decorated sparesly, a few New Yorker magazines thrown about along with three guitars. He drank coffee while talking to us at 6 PM at night. Shawn gets nervous and stuttery in these situations, I don't know why. I go the other way and act all relaxed and personable and interested so that probably ever person whose house/apt. we walk through thinks I'm a shoe-in while in real life, I'm thinking, No way, Jose. Jess commented on this behavior when she and Jodie and I were searching for apts. before I moved here. We'd walk out of a crack den and I'd say, Well, that was disgusting, and she'd say, Thank God! I thought you were ready to sign a lease. We found an open house yesterday just by driving around. A gigantic Victorian home with a gorgeous stone back yard including bubbling fountain and a full deck on the second story of the house. They even had a pool room and two separate staircases. We knew immediately that it was out of our price range, though it was fun to walk through. You'd need at least 6 more people to make that house seem full. Shawn was convinced that the owners were going through a divorce b/c there were two separate bedrooms. I think someone died. If we had $350,000, we could've had it. We meet with Dominick today at 1 to discuss our options in terms of mortgage, etc. We're also going to ask him to show us other properties in Fishtown, because we haven't really had a chance to look at other affordable properities. We did slightly cheat on Dominick this weekend by giving out an email contact to the Victorian property realtor, but I would've felt bad if I had left without at least some small sign that we were interested. I didn't want him to feel bad.