I'm rushing a sorority!

Now that I'm on a campus again, I'm reminded of all of things I like and one or two things I don't. Within short walking distance I can: rent a video, have my hair cut at the Chop Shop, go to the bank, buy tokens, purchase Rice Krispie treats or other necessities from the7-11, check out and return books from the library (being able to return them is key. I just paid off $65 in overdue fees to the Philadelphia Public Library which has no drop boxes and is open from 12-4, Mon.-Thurs. every other week), go to the gym, see a lecture, concert, or art exhibit, browse through Barnes and Noble, order a Starbucks chai vanilla latte, search the Web on a laptop at the new computer lab, buy a beer from Draft Horse, play pool, and stuff my face with falafels, crepes, or Chinese food from the numerous silver kiosks parked on street corners. In my old job I could: run five blocks to buy a crusty, overpriced sandwich and hurry back to eat it b/c we only were given half an hour for lunch and were not allowed to eat at our desks (my stepdad had a similar rule: no eating outside of the kitchen. So in a way, it was a familiar rule). Every day when I walk down the sidewalk and see the Temple flags blowing in the wind, I say thank you, thank you, thank you, to the world.


Anonymous said…
you are a character.
where was this victorian house?
On columbia ??
thanks for the links

see ya soon