Like, where's my like, calc class anyway?

And here's what I don't like about being on a college campus: you will see girls on their way to class dressed as though they are sleep-walking. This morning, I heard someone behind me, shuffling along in a way was irritating and then this girl zipped by wearing black fuzzy bedroom slippers. The girls also like to appear in flannel pj bottoms. It was twenty degrees yesterday and I saw this person clip-clapping along in green flip flops. I think even jogging pants are offensive if you're not on your way to the gym. I mean, make an effort--push yourself to actually put on jeans. Kids these days!

Shawn made a bid on a house yesterday. We are breathlessly awaiting Dominick, our realtor, to tell us if the offer is accepted, denied, bargained up, laughed at, etc. My top favorite things about the house include: cute foyer with French door, beautiful house front of red brick, strange cubby hole in the stairs that descend to the basement, exposed stone in the basement (which is also big), the pink bathtub, the black and white tile in the kitchen, the formidable black spacecraft refrigerator, the swirly details on the staircase, the nonworking fireplace with the heating grill inside, the hardwood floors throughout, the narrow friendly street, the historic graveyard around the corner, the built in microwave and the dishwasher, the laughter of the little children outside our windows (not really).