The Irish Chauffeur Has Returned

He looks a bit puffy, I might add.  Luke is watching this with us and I predict he will give up in like five minutes.

We see Marmie in her bed with a jar of marmalade. Maybe she's about to come down with cholera.

Mary asks Tom what he really wants. She wears a sharp brown suit and a hat with a tiny feather. They aren't flirting. Mary sees him as her brother. Dan goes, Is that really her brother? I did not respond.

A police man has arrived to question Mrs. Baxter, who sends the nosy cook on her way. Someone has been accused of theft and I believe they suspect she has helped him. The jewelry has never been found. Perhaps she's hiding a stash under her mattress. She is being asked to testify against this handsome scoundrel who convinced her to misbehave. It is reminding me of Dangerous Liaisons.

Luke has gone to bed.

Anna may be preggers. Mary's going to take her to London to have her uterus stitched so she can carry to term.

There is a sub plot about the hospital and I can't figure out what the problem is and therefore who I should agree with, though I suspect I should not agree with Lady Grantham.

Mr. Barrows is really chasing around this young footman whose ears stick out. Perhaps Mrs. Baxter will fall in love with that other butler, the one who reminds me of the long-suffering Mr. Olsen from Little House on the Prairie.

We must get Lady Edith get married off, we must! Won't anyone have her? Meanwhile, one of Lady Mary's former love interests shows up. The men must wear tuxedos and the women must wears feathers and sparklers and gloves. I'm glad they never brought back Shirley McClaine. She seemed vastly incongruous.

Anna is possibly having a miscarriage but she will finish the laundry first.

More arguing about the hospital and characteristic witticisms from Lady Grantham. Who is this visiting lady? She looks familiar, like someone who might have been in Four Weddings and a Funeral. This male guest makes everything he says to Mary sound like innuendo. "Here is my card..." seems to imply, "We should likely go to bed together."

Lord Grantham has a pain in his side which may likely be cancer or also a miscarriage. He too carries on, but will likely die in the penultimate episode.

More visitors. Barrows doesn't approve for some reason. She knows Anna. Her husband has an unfortunate mustache. Okay, she used to work there and then went and made something of herself by becoming a secretary. She is invited to dinner and Mr. Barrows breaks the news that she used to be a housemaid. The other downstairs people are mad at him now.

Lady Mary whisks Anna off in a carriage to try to get her to the doctor in London. Daisy is determined to have it out with Lady Grantham, not realizing that she's still trying to help.  She goes to confront her and it turns out that the farm has been saved. She will not be fired.

In London, the doctor tells Mary that Anna has not lost the baby and she now has a suture in her side to keep it from falling out. We will have a baby being born at the end, juxtaposed against Lord Grantham's solemn funeral.

Mary is able to go straight from the doctor's office to a formal dinner wearing her Aunt's cast off onyx-covered dress. Her date tells her that she does not at all look shabby. They are having dinner. He asks her what she loves to do. She says she likes to ride horses but that she does not dream about them. Jazz music plays in the background as they peruse their menus. They banter and she tells him she is not interested with a knowing smile.

I believe the old honeymooners are about to return. Yes, and she has a high necked dress to hide the hickeys all over her neck. They are given punch to celebrate the consummation.

I wonder how many dresses the rich ladies have? Ten? Twenty? Even Queen Grantham goes down to partake. Edith says she will find a female editor. I wonder if she will come out? I don't think this show is quite that progressive. Mrs. Carson says that she can be called by her dead husband's name and be known as Mrs. Hughes so as not to confuse anyone. Will Carson die? Oh, no, he is going up to take his paper nameplate off of the door.

Next time: more nonsense about the hospitals, Edith has a date,  and the guy Mary likes is about to crash in a car race.