Countdown to...

Why is there a countdown to Downton Abbey? Will a ball be dropping, preferably on Marmie or whatever Elizabeth McGovern's name is?

Here are my predictions for this season, in the remaining four minutes before we launch. The chauffeur will return from America with a new wife-to-be, but no one will like her. Mary must end up with him. Someone important will die (see my preference again above, though it will likely be Dad instead. I just hope it's not Maggie Smith). Edith will grow her hair out and find an ordinary looking man who looks past her stiffness and sees her for the gem (and feminist) she is. Daisy will leave for a better job as a secretary. Anna and the murderer will be reunited and neither will end up in jail. A few new amazing electronic devices will be introduced to the household. War will break out? I'm not sure what year we're in. One thing I am sure of is that lovely, lovely clothes will be worn by all of the women. And I hope they have gotten a new dog.And that Barrow will find true love.

I'm not going to blog through the first episode, because when I do, I can't totally enjoy it.