Life Changing Event

I'm getting my hair cut today for the first time in almost a year. I just don't go for regular hair cuts. I don't know why. Partially, it's because I spent most of my kid hood wishing for really long hair, like Jane Seymour long, like to the floor long. And so I would never cut it and it would grow, but it would be all straggly and crazy. And then I would decide to get it cut and remember what it's like to have a hair style, but then slowly forget as the cut grew out and I started to want it long again. I really couldn't tell you how much of wanting it long was because I liked it that way, or because I thought guys liked it that way. I had a dream last night that my hair was to my waist and it surprised me, because and I hadn't realized it had been growing for that long.

I'm a little embarrassed to go to this new hair cutting guy, because I feel like I need to explain to him that I realize I have a bad dye job. That my hair is multi-colored and not in a good way. This is because I go gray so quickly and when you combine that with my impatience about taking half an hour to color it or not wanting to pay $100 to have it done every six weeks, you get something that is not of this earth. But I will resist the urge to apologize. I'm sorry, but I'm trying not to say "I'm sorry" so often.

Here is how it looks right now, today. Not as long as I thought. I will take a picture after and we can compare, but always say that the haircut looks much better.

The other thing that happens when I go to get my hair cut is that I am at the complete mercy of the stylist. I usually don't go in with an idea other than wanting it to look as beautiful as possible and requiring no care to have it remain that way. I basically just tell them to do whatever they want short of shaving up the back of my neck or giving me a bowl cut like I had for most of sixth grade.

Okay, here is the result. I do not know why my phone camera insists on this soft fuzzy lighting, but I'm sure it's something I could fix easily if I spent more than 30 seconds on it. This is me after the hair cut.