One Good Thing About Plainsboro

Once a month, the Plainsboro Library has a book sale. On the days they don't have a book sale, they still have some crappy novels out on this one table (stuff like every Danielle Steele and Maeve Binchy novel ever written and other bodice rippers). But I happened to be out and about on Saturday, and so popped in and discovered that they have a basement where the books are stored, and it's around eight full shelves of books in all categories, and the books are in good shape, and written by authors with some literary merit. And they are cheaper than the one at the Princeton Library. I bought 9 books for $6.50. Here is photographic evidence. Some of the books are gifts, and some are for the beach.

The full list is: Mystic River, Ooku (for Luke--this is a kid's anime book), Candace Bushnells's Lipstick Jungle (trash for the beach), Civilwarland in Bad Decline (short stories by  George Saunders for Adam at work), Walter Mosley's A Little Yellow Dog (my favorite title of the bunch), a novel by Russell Banks, another collection of short stories by Tobias Wolf, Stephen Dobyn's The Church of Dead Girls and a book about how to be a step mom. I started the step mom one, and it's pretty depressing. Basically, if you're a step parent at all, you should realize that you have no say in the child's daily life and should not discipline them in any way and must steal yourself for inevitably hearing, "You're not my mom."