A Novel by Siri

Can you write a novel in tweets? I hope not. Can you write a novel in fifteen minutes a day while also being distracted and Googling things like "novel in 15 minutes" and checking Facebook every three minutes? I should always decide I'm going to write when I have several other unpleasant things to do, such as paying bills, because when I have another task in front of me that I don't feel like facing (writing), I will allow myself to attack those third tier annoying things I've been putting off. Why is that? Note: I am currently resisting the  Googling of:  "Reasons for Procrastination" or "Writer's block" or "Death of David Foster Wallace."

Which might lead one to believe that I don't want to write fiction anymore, and so what is my problem? Is it an identity thing--like, that I have thought of myself as a writer for so long that I wouldn't be able to figure out who I am if I'm not writing? No, it's not that, because I would continue to write--I write in my job and I would keep writing in my blog, so that wouldn't go away. It's that I think I still have this dream, oh, so distant now, that I would one day publish something great that would allow me to just teach writing at the university of my choice. Does that happen to all writers who do well? Or do they keep working at MRM Worldwide during the day as communications managers? Does every fiction writer go on to be a fiction teacher? I think many of them, if they're really prolific and widely-published, give up their day jobs and write full time or write ten months out of the year or whatever. And some are so popular and rich, they hire other writers to create their books for them (like the more serialized writers of genre fiction). But there will be not writing a novel in ten minutes a day and I can't seem to get my act together to spend three hours a night after work writing feverishly by candlelight in my turret. Option three would be to go on a writing retreat, but I can find reasons not to do that too, such as the fact that I don't get unlimited vacation time and so it might come down to a retreat or a trip with Dan. All right, let me just finish this capstone and then we will see where I am--then we'll revisit our options here. Meanwhile, maybe I can use my hellish time in the car each day to dictate my novel to Siri.