Mommy blogs

Blogger allows you to look at the next blog on the list and I had some time to kill yesterday after work and so I did that and realized anew that there are a hell of a lot of mommy blogs out there. Like, 90 percent of the blogs I saw were mommy blogs.

And they were kind of sad mommy blogs, where the writer was this woman who's about 26 and married to her college sweetheart, who has a crew cut. Both are attractive, and you can see that she was probably a popular girl in high school, and the guy is handsome in this new car salesman way and you can also see how he will start to get heavier and heavier and his neck will thicken with time until he will become this formerly handsome guy. And they are on their first kid, a boy named Caleb and in every baby picture, Caleb's nose is slightly running, but they are posed in front of their new house and everything is okay. And each post is about how great everything is--how they had an Easter egg hunt and Caleb found the blue egg, and how they went to church and then there will be a poem about God inserted into the post somewhere.

And all I can think is how much more interesting it would be if the writer could talk about the good and the bad, instead of just insisting on the good all the time. It's the same thing on Facebook--when all you see are the happy family pictures, and then you compare those photos with your life and wonder what you're doing wrong--you aren't doing anything wrong, it's just that many people want to present their lives as perfect. And to be fair, at least for Facebook, I guess it's not the forum to share your child's gum disease or the 15th potty training nightmare, but on blogs, I feel like the mommy's could try to be a little more on candid, if only because of other pre-mommy's who walk into an early marriage and early kids thinking it's going to be one way, and then discovering that it's not that way at all. And so then they start a mommy blog to pretend that their just like every other mommy who is not telling the truth. It's a vicious mommy cycle. I don't think I've written the word "mommy" so much in one paragraph in my life.

The worst thing is that the last blog post is sometimes like years ago, like January 2011 when they made this resolution to do more adult things with their time, and you wonder what happened to them. They disappeared.  They were swallowed up in their momminess.


PinkPanthress said…
You had me at the God part... nah, just kidding. :)

This whole part about the former handsome school sweethearts, God, being a young mommy with their House & etc... reads like the cliché we have about the US Americans in our head, here in Old Europe. *snickers*