The Puddin' Shelf

Dan noted the other day that we have a shelf in our refrigerator that contains only pudding. He is not wrong, but let me explain.  We bought three different kinds of pudding the other day to accommodate everyone's preferences--almond milk pudding for him, peanut-free chocolate for Luke, and low-fat tapioca for me. He called it the pudding shelf. He's been noting lately that since we moved in together, he gained about five pounds, because my grocery shopping habits tend to skew towards those of a twelve year old with her parent's credit card, whereas his skew toward a hummingbird (i.e. I return with treats like yogurt covered raisins and ice cream, and he returns with dried fruit and twigs). If you ask me, he needed to put on a little weight--mostly because it's humiliating for me to be with someone who weighs less than I do.

On the whole, I eat better now that we are together, because I have actual meals at dinner time vs. microwave popcorn and cheese. He cooks almost every night and I encourage him. So, I think there is some balance in the universe. He has allowed himself to indulge a little more and I've gotten used to vegetables at dinner time. We are growing together. And he is literally growing.

This morning, he couldn't quite get into his khaki's and he said, "You know how women call that extra roll above their pants a muffin top? Well, I have a puddin' shelf." I believe he then decided on a different pair of pants.