Now that it's officially summer (and HOT. And my central air appears to be broken so that I sleep most nights flat on my back on top of the covers with two fans blowing on me), sandals and flip flops are back in. I don't think I ever even wore flip flops until maybe the last 5 years. I've never gotten used to having a piece of plastic wedged between my two front toes. I have maybe one pair that I can wear for any length of time. But here are a couple of examples of summer foot wear that you will not catch me in:

You can't really tell in the photograph below, but those are white patent leather shoes. How did these women get down or up the subway stairs without tripping and knocking out their two front teeth?

And then, not to go too far off topic, but I admire the bravery and unselfconsciousness of the man below, who is happy to read his subscription of Wood magazine on the subway without shame. I wonder what the articles are like and how, if you were a contributor to this niche publication, you would avoid creating pun-like titles for every article?