Not in My Genes

Mom sent me these two pictures of her new quilt challenge. I can't remember exactly what the challenge was--maybe to create a quilt that focuses on reading or on the brain. But anyway, she made this quilt and you'll notice that it's covered in small handwriting; all of which she did herself.

Look closely. Those are all handwritten words.

See the detail?

I wish I had that kind of patience, but I don't. I also have never really learned to sew, despite my mother's many attempts to get me into it and the many sewing machines she's bought me, including the very nice Singer sewing machine currently in my second bedroom.. I like things to be done immediately. If I could make an outfit out of paper and glue, I would do it and wear it out the door.

I took a class in college when I was a drama major--something like Costume I and it was taught by this very tall and thin man named Fred (? I think?)and I had the distinct feeling that Fred didn't like me, but I guess he didn't like all that many people. He was  grad student, had longish hair, and never smiled. I did my final sewing project at home with my mom's help; a really cute polka dotted skirt and top that was just a tiny bit too small. I guess Fred didn't buy that I made it all on my own, because I got a "D." In sewing.