House Improvements

The bad news first: I killed my free dogwood tree. It's totally crispy and brown. It's because I didn't water it enough. The good news is that I had an air conditioning company come out on Tuesday, and the guy fixed the central air for a mere $312. It's totally worthy it, though of course, I was hoping it would cost just the standard $89 for a tune up. He had to replace some kind of metal thing. I also learned where my filters are located. The one that the guy pulled out looked like it had 15 years worth of cat hair on it, which is probably accurate. So, immediately after that, Dan and I went to Lowe's and bought new filters. I put it in myself. Hooray! The other house improvement we made was to add a rolling screen door on the back patio. Previously, I couldn't get any cross ventilation b.c there was no back screen door, but then my sister-in-law mentioned this accordion-type screen door thing, so we bought that and Dan finished it up on Tuesday too. A miracle. I thought I would have to pay someone to build out the door or do something to the frame to give me extra space to add a door, but it's fine. Of course, it's 100 degrees here today, so I won't be even opening the door at all, probably not for the next few months of summer.

And then the other night, I woke up suddenly because one of my cats jumped on my face, or landed on my face, or leapt from my face. Here is the damage. I will never work for Avon again:

I guess you can't really see all of the marks--one above my life and two on my eye. Trust me, they exist.


Anonymous said…
YAH! Happy to hear the air is back on, now I can visit!