Some leftover Christmas spirit

I keep forgetting to post the pictures that I have been taking of Christmas cheer. A lot of the windows are still Christmas-y, so I will try to get a few more in this week. But first, here are some woodpeckers I saw at Dan's mom's house.

And this is the gingerbread man that Luke made and gave to me for Christmas. I ate all of it.

We also bought stockings to hang. The funniest thing was that I put an orange in Luke's stocking and he was totally tickled by it. My mom always had Santa leave an orange. I guess I thought everyone did that.

And here he is holding a pipe and gesticulating about something or other.

Snow men, glitter backdrop, and Christmas trees.
This is hard to see. I guess you should click on it to see the larger version.

The snowman looks like he's been up all night drinking and just woke up in a planter the next morning.
An elaborate Christmas carol scene, better than Macy's.

With detail.

Oh, yeah, I wondered where they stored these bodies during the rest of the year.

And for some, Christmas means little doggies climbing out of a pair of jeans (really--click to see).

She comes to life at night and tries to kill you if you've been naughty.

Angels and Santa.
A fancy wreath.

I like the simplicity of this one--or the home-ade-ness or whatever.

Sleeping dog.

I bet they bought this are Target.

Snow village.

Cat and giant praying hands of...Jesus? The Pope?

Another Target purchase?

And I kept seeing penguins everywhere.

This was in the window of a restaurant near my house.

I love this so much, Santa and the Baby Jesus together at last.


julie said…
My mom always put an orange in my stocking too.