I Resolve...

...To not make any New Years resolutions. Or to only make one's I don't really want to keep like, Eat more Brussels sprouts. They're always the same things anyway, Eat better, learn to cook, learn to sew, write every day, stay in touch with family, lose weight, take vitamins, meditate every day, publish a novel, read The Great Gatsby (I just never have gotten around to it).

Highlights from my Christmas break:

1. Dan got me Stephen King's new book of stories, Full Dark, No Stars. I loved it. I read it in two days. Take that, F. Scott.

2. Luke was very excited to give me the present he made. It turned out to be a gingerbread man with frosting and marshmallows and red licorice on it. I felt flattered that he thought of me.

3. Dan and I got to hang out with Padhraig and Carrie and Lisa Marie and John on New Years Day.

4. Watching one of the Twilight movies with Dan's sister and sister-in-law. The movie was terrible, but it was nice to have that time with them, plus the Maine Coone cat, Mogwah (sp?) hung around.

5. Homemade egg nog in a giant punch bowl.

6. Singing "Build Me Up, Buttercup" karaoke with Dan on Christmas Day. Luke danced alongside everyone the whole time.

7. Meeting Kyper, Mike's golden-doodle. He is the best dog.

Lowlights from my Christmas break:

1. Seeing the full-on spectacle of hardcore South Philadelphians smoking, drinking, and abusing their children at the Mummer's Day Parade down Broad Street, which in itself pretty offensive--a bunch of fat white guys dressed as Mexicans and Asian people. Didn't see any black face, but we only caught three of the bands.

2. Getting lost on the way to have dinner at Mike's house. It was my fault--I told Dan not to make the turn that he should've made. That set us back about half an hour, because the next exit was 15 miles away. Luke was upset--kept saying, "Let's just give up. Let's just go home." It's hard to reason with a 7 year old who doesn't understand that to go home would take even longer and it totally impractical. Especially since he's been trapped in the car for going on three hours.

3. The garbage guys haven't picked up any trash in over a week.

Guess what premieres tonight? Leigh Ann just reminded me: http://abc.go.com/shows/the-bachelor

I'm hoping that Dan and I can get back on our video schedule soon.