No Bachelor for You

That's because my writing class started last night and so I didn't get home in time to see the very beginning and to put my laptop near the TV and so then I kind of lost interest. I listened to it from the other room, but it was all the same stuff..."Here for the right reasons...I'm so nervous...I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to fall in love...I think I might be falling for him...My boobs are falling out of my top..." Etc.

Tonight, I have my first pro-seminar at Penn and I discovered yesterday that I bought the wrong book. Well, technically, I bought the right book for half of the class--I didn't realize it was two volumes, and so only purchased volume II. Should I even be allowed to take grad classes? But the books are giant and heavy and expensive, and so I don't really want to buy Volume I. Instead, I went to the Fisher Fine Arts Library to try to copy it. They have it on reserve, and you can go ahead photocopy each page, which is then about 89876 megabytes and you won't be able to email it to yourself. So, I'll do without it.

I had this highly stressed out moment at the grocery store the other day. I don't know why it sticks with me, except it came on kind of unexpectedly. It was a Sunday and everyone and his mom was shopping at Acme. I had a cart full of food, and decided to just do the self-check out because it's faster. I waited in line for awhile, and then I realized that some of the stations said, "15 items or less." I clearly had more than 15. I couldn't decide if I should leave or stay or what, so I said to the man next to me, "Am I not allowed in this line? I have more than 15 things." He said, "Who cares. There's no firing squad." I stayed in the line, but then, when it got to be my turn, 10 more people were behind me and I could feel the stress rising, like I was going to get in trouble or like all of these strangers hated me for being that person who thinks she doesn't have to obey the rules. I tried to scan as fast as I could, but the fruit is always a challenge and so it seemed to take a really, really, really long time. By the time I left, I was sweating and I realized later that I didn't scan one item, so I essentially stole something too. I can't wait until I'm on some hidden camera show.


julie said…
I am sooooooo disappointed. Danny and I were so psyched to see how you recreated Michelle's black eye. Boooo!