Drinking Water

It's really good for you. Most health care professionals recommend drinking tons of it every day. I get on these kicks where I am dedicated to drinking water--just determined to down 2-3 quarts a day (give or take...). Because water is good for your system, good for your skin, good for your pancreas. But the thing is, I like to have more than 30 minutes pass without having to pee or without thinking I might have to pee or without knowing that even though I don't currently need to, I will soon. That's what lots of water does to you; it becomes a preoccupation and a constant interruption from an otherwise moderately productive day.

Went to Zumba class last night for the first time in month's. The teacher--I'm sure I've described her here before--but she is very, very thin and muscular, and small. She doesn't look healthy, only because it would be hard to tell, if you didn't know any better, whether she is a crack addict or a super fitness nut (or both). I can easily picture her sitting at a seedy bar, smoking Kools, and drinking Jack and Diet, talking over people in this innocuous way that she has. But she can't be a smoker/drinker, can she, if she's also teaching these highly-aerobic classes? I had forgotten how rigorous Zumba can be; fun too, but exhausting. I had forgotten some of the routines, but felt better than everyone else on the ones I remembered. Here is an actual picture of her that I found. She seems to always have her hair in a ponytail.

Just as an aside, I hate it when women refer to their spouses as "hubby." It reminds me of The Onion's Jean Teasdale columns (that I love). Examples:

"Will Semi-Success Spoil Jean Teasdale?"

"Author, Author!"

"Summer Days, Driftin' Away"


Leigh Ann said…
I drink a ton of water and pee 17-20 times a day. It is usually a welcome distraction, though.
Catsparella said…
I have the same problem with water. I want to drink more, but I don't have time to be in the bathroom all day, haha. I do Zumba too!
Sinead said…
I wish I went last night. I miss zumba. Gym tomorrow? If not Monday for SURE!