Scanning Old Photos

Manny has helped me to save these scanned photos for your viewing pleasure. Below, please find me being smooched by my Grandpa in his overalls while Grandma slaves over a dirty oven rack. Or possibly it's one side of a cage they were building to put me in.

My cousin Charlie and me. He's about two years younger though I don't that should excuse his thumb-sucking to this day. I believe in this picture, he's eating either M&M's or Fruit Loops. We were allowed pretty much anything we wanted. My favorite meal was an open-faced Spam sandwich with melted Velveeta cheese and ketchup on top.

My mother in a boy haircut and dress to show her gender. She's holding one of her 7 brothers--I think this must be Tom and then behind her is possibly her sister Margaret. There were ten in all.

Love this photo of mom getting her bath on the kitchen table, Grandma in her apron. To this day, she still prefers baths to showers.


Anonymous said…
God these are great, Aimee! I love the one of you and your cousin. What a cutie pie! That Manny is a good catch, helping you archive all this stuff. Show us more next time we come visit.
Aimee said…
I will be scanning many, many more. I have to give them back to my mom at some point.