Inspect This

The house inspection is today. I hope that the dude doesn't find that the foundation is almost rotting and ready to fall in.

Here are some other ideas I thought of for a blog focus (see previous entry):

1. Reproduce a work of classical art every day.
2. Write about the squirrels on campus (would be hard to track them on the weekends though)
3. Try a new fruit or vegetable or other food product each night (though my local grocery store doesn't carry very much exotic stuff. For instance, I wanted to find bean sprouts the other day but they were not available).

I have still been taking photos on my way to and from work. Evidence below.

A praying monk. The owners of this house yelled out the window at me after I took the picture. Not very religious of them.

The best, best, best window covering. It's a Virgin Mary of Guadalupe sheet.

Shy kitty.

Not shy kitty giving me a high five.