Oh, well, hope this doesn't jinx anything...

The house inspection went so well today that I'm suspicious. Nothing wrong with the roof, the plumbing, the air ducts, the floors, the foundation, the front, the back, the side, the toilet. I won't therefore be asking for any additional $ to be taken off the house, which is a relief to me because I want to move this along. I took a lot of pictures today, especially since it was only the second time that I even set foot in the place. I still really liked it and so did the inspector, a very nice man who I will direct you to if you need an inspector who will take 3 hours to go every inch of an 830 square foot house while you flip through the current owners magazines. The photos are really in opposite order; taken from when we were leaving to when we first arrived.

Okay, this is the church across the street from the house. I can't wait to be awoken at 6 AM every Sunday morning for mass.

Photo from across the street.

Exterior. Will probably replace the address numbers with new shiny ones from Home Depot.

That's my realtor and friend, Jeanne, who has been so awesome and patient through this whole process. I promised her I wouldn't take any pictures of her, despite her adorableness. I don't think this really counts. She's locking the door here, though we had to go back a few minutes later because I left my gym clothes and journal in the kitchen.

Front again. In the bottom right corner, you will see the very nice inspector who was very thorough in explaining the pipes and plumbing and vents, even though I wasn't really listening.

The top of the house. So cute. And I can hang my flags, finally!

View of the downstairs from the top of the stairs.

Hall closet next to the stairs.
Ceiling fan in the bedroom. Along with central air, the house has 3 ceiling fans--another in the second bedroom and one downstairs.

Crib and art work in the master bedroom
Street view of the church from the master bedroom.

Bedroom closet plus Ikea wardrobe (which they're leaving for me).

Narrow hallway.

Second bedroom where I will store the many foster children I will have to adopt to pay the mortgage.

Closet in the second bedroom.
Tiny, tiny second bedroom.

A pink bathroom and a dream come true. Unbelievably, this little sink is bigger than the one I have now.

And again.

I like that there's a window in the shower, but that's probably because I'm an exhibitionist.

If you had ever told me I would one day own a pink toilet, I would never have believed you.

Living room.

Front window. I wish they would leave the curtains or at least the rods.

Thank God, a washer and dryer.

The reason I bought the house. A lovely bleeding heart Jesus on the kitchen wall.

Back door to the patio.
Alley way door that is rusted shut so I will die if there is ever a fire as I will not be able to exit.

Another view of the front.
I like the arch in the living room.
Detail of the stairs and the inlaid wood floors.

Front door with transom.
Peanut on the kitchen bar.
Nook and original brick from the house.

The lovely and wonderful Peanut, who is fourteen years old, has a giant head in juxtaposition to her skinny body, and is very friendly and sweet.

That's it. I hope you like as much as I do. Please feel free to donate money to me right now. I will be poor for awhile. But who cares. I will have a washer dryer!


Jenn Bing said…
Aimee i love love the house. Can ask the owners where they got the comforter for the bed? Love it....

P.S. I am saving the staple boxes and also when i get curtains you can use the temporary ones I have now until you get curtains for the house..
Liz said…
A washer/dryer will change your life. I believe that. Also, I like the photo montage on the stairway (or in the narrow hallway?) and will, perhaps, forego the ban on taking pics of me if I am assured a place on the wall.
julie said…
omg - for some reason i thought in the beginning it was your furniture and i was baffled by the fact you had a crib in the master bedroom. and then i started to flip. but then i realized what was up...

so - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! very, very exciting.
jodie said…
I love love love love LOVE it!! I can't wait to visit!